Why Brain Health?

‣ The world is facing an epidemic of cognitive decline, and research demonstrates that exercise may be the most powerful tool is slowing or preventing it.
‣ Neuroscience research surrounding the brain benefits of exercise is evolving. Keeping up can be challenging, confusing, and complex.
‣ This course will significantly improve your understanding of the brain, how it’s affected by exercise, and create programs that make a lasting impact.

Who Is This Course For?

‣ Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals
​‣ Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists
‣ Health Coaches and Life Coaches
‣ Psychologists, Therapists, and Mental Health Professionals
​‣ Professionals Working in Active Aging

What Will I Learn In This Course?

The Course of Cognitive Aging

‣ Cognition and Brain Aging Cognitive
‣ Trajectory over the Lifespan and Cognitive Reserve
‣ Prevalence and Mechanisms of Cognitive Decline
‣ The Global State of Cognitive Decline
‣ Dementia and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mechanisms of Neural Change

‣ Changes at the Micro, Macro and Behavioral Levels
‣ Neurotransmitters and Exercise
‣ Growth Factors, Exercise and Brain Health
‣ Positive and Negative Neuroplasticity
‣ Synaptogenesis and Neurogenesis

Cognitive-Physical Exercise Library

‣ Integrating Attention, Memory, Processing Speed and Executive Functions during Exercise
‣ Coaching Dual-Tasking Techniques
‣ Gauging Cognitive & Physical Load
‣ Regressions and Progressions
‣ Maximizing Client Engagement

Combining Cognitive & Physical Training

‣ The Evolutionary Links Between Thinking and Moving
‣ The Neurobiology of Combining Cognitive & Physical Demands
‣ Simultaneous vs. Sequential Cognitive & Physical Training
‣ Programming for Cognitive Outcomes

How Does the Brain Health Trainer Course Work?

‣ All lessons are delivered in innovative online e-learning (no long, boring videos with limited practical application).
‣ In each lesson, you’ll learn neuroscience concepts AND strategies on how to implement them with your clients.
‣ Interactive learning activities to stay engaged and test your knowledge.
‣ Recommended research reading to deepen understanding.

Meet Your Instructors

Ryan Glatt
Course Creator, Chief Neuro-Nerd

Ryan Glatt is a personal trainer and brain-health coach with over a decade of experience. He currently practices brain-based strategies for cognitive enhancement at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Los Angeles.

Ryan has pursued education from the Amen Clinics, the Neuroscience Academy, Academy for Brain Health & Performance, and the Master's of Applied Neuroscience program at King's College of London.

He has worked with a wide variety of populations with various neurological considerations, including those with MCI, dementia, TBI, and Parkinson's. Ryan focuses his practice and research towards slowing cognitive decline for those with cognitive complaint and those who want to prevent neurodegenerative conditions.

He actively consults for technology companies that seek to enhance physical activity with cognitive training through Virtual Reality, mobile-technology, and various hardware/software applications.

Scientific and Clinical Advisors

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