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The Brain Health Trainer Course

The course is broken down into four Modules. In this course, you will learn:

The Course of Cognitive Aging
Cognitive Decline and Cognitive Reserve
The Cognitive Domains of Attention, Memory, & Executive Functions
Functional Brain Networks and Neuroanatomy
Differential Effects of Exercise on the Brain & Cognition
Combining Exercise with Cognitive Stimuli








What's Included in the Brain Health Trainer Course

A course manual completed with content for review.
​A video library of cognitive-physical exercise techniques.
​​Exclusive access to the Brain Health Trainer Facebook group.
​​Over 200+ research citations for further reading.
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Program Testimonials

“As a physician with a passion for lifestyle medicine I had high expectations when I took Ryan's Brain Health Trainer course. All I can say is that it exceeded expectations. It is well thought out and beautifully organized. The couse provides you not only with information but a way of thinking and solving problems within the context of movement and brain health. Highly reccomended!”

- Dr. Nate Bergman
DO, Chief Science Officer at Kemper Center for Cognitive Health, Previous Project lead for Brain Health and Cognitive Impairment Initiatives at Cleveland Clinic
“As a master trainer for the Functional Aging Institute and the American Council on Exercise, I believe the Brain Health Trainer certification is one of the best certifications I have taken. It is easy to understand and apply all the information. I am using this information on many of my clients and not only do I see results; they feel results! Thank you Ryan for spending the time and resources and putting this together for trainers everywhere.”

- Dianne McCaughey
PhD, Master Trainer for FAI and ACE, Co-Create of the Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist
"I just completed the FABULOUS Brain Health Trainer course, and Ryan presents some very challenging material in a concise and easy to understand manner. The course does such a great job using videos and interactive pages to make the learning fun. Even my wee little brain 'got it'! I'm already playing around some of the techniques with my clients, and I even had my class of 50 people yesterday enjoying these techniques!"

- Sue Grant
ACE, FAFS, Master FallProof Instructor, Creator of Older Wiser Workouts
"A great course illustrating the relationship between exercise and cognitive health! Thank you for sharing your passion!"

- Francois Gagnon
Medical Exercise Specialist
"The Brain Health Trainer Certification is a step above! Not only did I learn more about the 'Why' of exercise and brain health, but truly how the brain works. I feel even more confident when educating our members as to why we are integrating more cognitive training and why it is an important part of their plan, even if brain health isn't a concern. This is one more tool that sets us apart from the competition and shows that we are on the cutting edge of science and exercise. Thank you Ryan for bridging the gap!"

- Rosa Coletto
Owner of Full Circle Fitness and Personal Trainer
"The course content in the Brain Health Trainer course is absolutely incredible! I am always looking for innovative ways of applying neuroscience to my practice, and I wish this stuff was taught more in my schooling!"

- Jeremy Nordman
Occupational Therapist
"The Brain Health Trainer certification has given me a new holistic approach that I will use to model my personal training style. The tools that are available with the course make 'the talk' so much easier when dealing with someone's brain health, and figuring exactly what's going on. It provides the necessary forms to refer out for clients that need additional professional help. Which provides greater overall results. Highly recommended and very easy to navigate and understand!"

- Brendan Larsen
Personal Trainer

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